Bai Thong : Tropical Dress Surprise Facial

Transsexual Bai Thong is wearing a yellow flower-print suit and black panties. This woman lowers the straps of her suit as this babe makes bedroom eyes toward the POV. This babe slides her dress down to her waist, uncovering her large soaked mangos. Next, Bai Thong slides her panties aside and strokes at her juicy cunt on her back and then on her knees. Bai Thong then begins toying herself with big black sextoy. This honey clicks the power button on the toy and the mechanical sextoy starts pushing into her cunt. She sucks on the POV knob as the toy continues fucking her. Bai Thong then plants the vibrator in her pussy with her ass up in the air. On her back again she toys away until the POV shoots a load on her face while watching her play.

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